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Second Batch of Injured Palestinian Children Arrives in UAE

The UAE has received the second group of Palestinian children injured in the ongoing Gaza conflict in a stunning humanitarian endeavour.

In a remarkable humanitarian effort, the UAE has welcomed the second group of Palestinian children wounded in the ongoing Gaza conflict. 

Coordinated by Khaleej Times, a flight from Abu Dhabi efficiently transported the children to Emirati hospitals after landing at Al Arish International Airport in Egypt. 

The swift mission, completed in less than 15 hours, aimed to provide urgent medical attention to children suffering from a range of war-related injuries, including fractures, burns, and cases of cancer.

Critical Moments on the Tarmac:

Over 50 individuals, comprising medical volunteers and cabin crew, landed at Al Arish at 5.45 am local time. Medical volunteers promptly disembarked following the arrival, conducting thorough checks on each patient. 

The subsequent process involved carefully loading stabilized patients onto the plane—a meticulous task requiring over 5 hours of patience and precision.

Presidential Initiative for Healing:

This mission stems from an urgent directive issued by UAE President His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan earlier this month. 

The directive aimed to facilitate medical treatment for 1,000 Palestinian children from Gaza, offering support amidst the city’s healthcare system collapse due to sustained bombing by Israel. 

Additionally, the UAE extended its assistance to treat 1,000 cancer patients in its hospitals.

For many, like Palestinian resident Mohammed, the journey to the UAE is a dream realized amid the chaos of war. 

Accompanying his cousin, who suffered a spinal injury in the Gaza bombardment, Mohammed and his cousin are among the last surviving members of their family. Their parents’ wish for safety and distance from the conflict led them to the UAE.

A Glimpse of Peace Amidst Turmoil:

As Mohammed, a first-time flyer, experienced the beauty of Abu Dhabi from the plane window, he momentarily forgot the strife in his homeland. 

Excitement filled the cabin as medical staff introduced him to the entertainment system, but his focus remained on the picturesque view. 

However, the stark reality resurfaced as he reflected on the uncertainty of seeing his family again.

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