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Scotland’s football long journey to redemption

For generations, Scotland's football story had been a heart-wrenching ballad filled with disappointment and misfortune.

David Marshall threw himself low on a boggy Serbian patch of grass. A short pause that lasted a lifetime. Riotous celebrations with an empty arena for company. You then throw in conga lines, birthday cakes, and Kieran Tierney being a celebrity DJ by repeating the one tune.


For generations, Scotland’s football story had been a heart-wrenching ballad filled with disappointment and misfortune. 

Yet, as they say, every tune can change. In this article, we revisit some of the old tales of Scottish footballing woes, only to find a new, uplifting chapter.

A History of Heartache

The Scottish football narrative was once plagued by tales of misfortune and sorrow. From Uri Gellar’s Wembley helicopter plot to Tom Boyd’s Paris heartbreak, the Georgia away defeats after beating world champions twice, and the agonizing Harry Kane equalizer, Scotland’s past was riddled with heartache.

Emerging Stars with a Twist

The agony was further compounded by the revelation that two of the nation’s most promising talents both excelled as left-backs, leaving fans baffled and frustrated.

A New Dawn

However, everything changed on a magical night in Belgrade almost three years ago. The Scottish national team danced off the pitch under the clear Belgrade sky, and in that moment, the burden of the past seemed to dissipate into the crisp, night air.

Return to the Big Stage

Scotland’s triumphant return to a major tournament, Euro 2020, marked the beginning of a new era. The journey had been fraught with doubts and setbacks, but the world did not conspire against the Scots this time.

In the midst of past sorrow, Scotland’s footballing journey had always carried a glimmer of hope. The redemption story of Euro 2020 was a testament to the enduring spirit and unwavering support of the fans and players alike.

It proved that in the world of football, even the saddest ballads can find their triumphant chorus.

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