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Schools Goes Online in Dubai due to Heavy Rains Threats

As heavy downpours and thunderstorms swept through all seven Emirates, many Dubai schools quickly switched to online learning.

As heavy rains and thunderstorms swept across all seven Emirates, numerous schools in Dubai swiftly shifted to online learning, prioritizing student safety amidst the adverse weather conditions.

Communication with Parents:

School administrations proactively emailed parents, notifying them of the switch to distance learning for the day. 

Citing the rapidly deteriorating weather conditions, schools apologized for the abrupt change but emphasized the importance of ensuring students’ safety.

Parents, facing the sudden adjustment, reacted with varied emotions. Some expressed relief at the decision to conduct classes online, while others grappled with sending their children to school amidst the inclement weather.

Personal Accounts:

Dubai-based parent Caroline recounted the dilemma of sending her daughter to school for exams amidst the uncertainty of weather conditions. 

She expressed gratitude for the last-minute notification that led to the postponement of exams and the shift to online classes. She recalled a previous instance where rain caused significant damage to school property.

Tayyaba, a mother of two, shared her proactive decision to keep her children home due to concerns about commuting difficulties during heavy rain. 

Her experience of facing prolonged travel times during adverse weather guided her choice.

Preemptive Measures by Authorities:

In anticipation of the severe weather, authorities in Umm Al Quwain, Ajman, and Ras Al Khaimah directed schools to conduct classes remotely for the day, prioritizing student safety.

The National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) reported heavy downpours across multiple regions in all seven Emirates. 

Issuance of code orange and yellow alerts by the Meteorological Office signaled hazardous weather conditions prevailing across the area.

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