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Scammers take it to next level by pretending to be bank officials over call in Saudi Arabia.

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The fraudsters are on a roll with a new scam in Saudi Arabia asking their customers bank details by posing to be bank officials. 

Fraudsters have advanced a brand new scam, contacting Saudi Arabia citizens and pretending to be a financial institution staffers inquiring for consumer details. Several Arab News workforce has obtained such calls in current weeks. One caller spoke Urdu simultaneously as different callers posing as senior officers from the headquarters of the financial institution spoke in English and Arabic with a local accent. They used phone numbers that seemed local; however, the lines didn’t connect upon calling back. The racketeers gather phone numbers of clients and ring them up, saying that their financial institution account or ATM card requires instant updating. The scammers use the data provided to gain access to their financial institution accounts. Speaking to Arab News, Talat Zaki Hafiz, secretary-general of the Media and Banking Awareness Committee of Saudi banks, said: “Saudi banks represented via way of means of the Media and Banking Awareness Committee have again and again warned financial institution clients not to react to stray phone calls of any kind coming from unknown sources that ask to replace their banking report or private statistics.”

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He also showed that banks do now no longer request such statistics through phone calls or SMS messages. Mohammed Khurram Khan, a cybersecurity professor at the King Saud University in Riyadh, informed Arab News: “Phishing, an internet scam which targets customers through emails in which people are recommended to click on a hyperlink that takes them to fraudulent sites, changed into troubling people. Now it’s an exclusive type of scam regarded as ‘vishing,’ over-the-phone Phishing, in which scammers convince customers to share their banking statistics by impersonating a financial institution official.” Vishing that happens all through a cellphone call targets to initiate worry withinside the sufferer so that clients can be extra at risk of giving out personal, monetary, or safety details. Sharing his enjoy Zafar Hasan, an e-getting to know a representative in Riyadh, said: “I obtained a call from a person on an unknown cell number who brought himself as a financial institution employee and informed me that my ATM card was going to be blocked. It required a direct update, so I need to deliver my Iqama number (house permit number) and sixteen-digit ATM card number. I felt something became fishy, so I informed him that I might move personally to the financial institution to replace the card.” The Saudi Central Bank (SAMA) has warned financial institution clients, each resident and expatriates, now no longer to fall victim to financial frauds being perpetrated by scammers.SAMA called on financial institution clients to take data best from the professional channels of the bodies regulating the Kingdom’s economic and investment sectors and inform the ready safety government approximately such fraudulent attempts.

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