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Saudi, Welcome To Arabia”: Lionel Messi Champions Saudi Tourism

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Football Icon Becomes the Face of Saudi’s Latest Tourism Drive

Lionel Messi, the global football superstar, has teamed up with Saudi Arabia’s tourism authority to headline its latest campaign, “Saudi, Welcome To Arabia”. This strategic move comes as part of Saudi’s ambitious efforts to boost international tourism and reshape international perceptions of the Kingdom as a diverse and welcoming destination.

The collaboration with Messi is a significant part of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, an initiative aimed at diversifying the Kingdom’s economy and reducing its dependence on oil. Tourism is a key pillar in this vision, and the campaign aims to draw attention to the country’s rich cultural heritage, vibrant society, and scenic landscapes, from the Red Sea coastlines to the historic sites of Diriyah.

Messi’s participation is poised to leverage his massive global following, bringing unparalleled attention to Saudi Arabia’s tourism potential. The campaign features striking visuals of Messi exploring various Saudi landmarks, showcasing the beauty and hospitality that the Kingdom has to offer.

Saudi Arabia has been making significant strides in opening up its society and economy to the world. The introduction of tourist visas, cultural festivals, and international sporting events are part of a broader strategy to invite the world to experience Saudi hospitality first-hand.

Through this partnership, the Kingdom aims to attract tourists from around the globe, offering an array of experiences from luxury resorts and untouched natural beauty to immersive cultural encounters. The message is clear: Saudi Arabia is a land of discovery, ready to welcome the world with open arms.

While the campaign marks a milestone in Saudi’s tourism strategy, it also aligns with Messi’s brand, which is synonymous with excellence and global appeal. This synergy is expected to create a ripple effect, encouraging more international visitors to explore the Arabian Peninsula’s hidden gems.

In essence, “Saudi, Welcome To Arabia” is more than a tourism campaign; it’s a bridge between cultures, inviting the world to discover a Saudi Arabia that is ready to share its stories, heritage, and warmth with everyone.

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