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Saudi Arabia’s Al -Ahsa joyfully welcoming tourists with a open heart.

Al-Ahsa Saudi Arabia UAE
Al-Ahsa invite visitors with open arms.

The city is eagerly welcoming visitors to show them the historic and cultural landmarks.

Al-Ahsa is one of 17 areas taking part in the “Arabian Winter” campaign released by the Saudi Tourism Authority to make bigger tourism and adventure possibilities in the Kingdom. Containing more than 200 tourism private sector operators and over 300 social experiences, the city is home to many cultural landmarks promoted through its humble and welcoming people. If I had been to rank Al-Ahsa, it would be first in everything,” local Mona Al-Hussein instructed Arab News. “The people right here are pleasant and so welcoming and are full of life and love. They respect every part of the land and help make Al-Ahsa flourish and prosper for its people. If they have got any visitors, they befriend them and welcome them.” Located in the Eastern Province, the city is keen to welcome visitors and display them the historic and cultural landmarks it has to offer, Al-Hussein stated. The Tourism Authority has helped pave walkways, allocate local tour guides and create pop-up venues throughout the town to create an excellent tourist experience.What Al-Ahsa apart from different visitor destinations is the general knowledge received from every land “Al-Ahsa’s civilization dates back to 5,000 B.C. It isn’t always just the palm bushes or the fruit. It is the people — the people are what makeup Al-Ahsa,” stated Hani Al-Najem, a tour manual. “When you return to Al-Ahsa, you discover civilization, culture, an oasis, mountains, people and history.”

Al-Ahsa spirit welcoming tourists with open arms | Arab News

Nestled between the Gara Mountains is the the Al-Dough Pottery Factory, owned by the Wabash family. The factory has been handed down through generations for more than 150 years.   The records behind “The youngsters of Al-Ahsa have become involved in tourism. They have created innovative thoughts to better serve the tourism industry, just like the a gentleman with the 4×4 cars,” Mona Al-Turiaf, a member of Saudi Tour Guides, informed Arab News. “They each used their very own cars to create teams and services for tourists.” One such artisan is Fatma Mahmoud, who’s recognized locally as Bint Al-Torath. She has used the conventional technique of thread weaving to create clothing, frames and tissue boxes since childhood.  Another group of young locals assembled their fleet of Jeeps to guide tourists through the dunes of the desert and into the Yellow Lake.Lights, walkways and maps had been located in each major landmark to help tourists. Pop-up tents and venues have additionally been located in the heart of archaeological facilities to liven up the visitor experience. Farm proprietor Abu Mohammed is a the self-taught farmer who has harvested plants his whole life. He welcomes visitors into his home with open arms and introduces visitors to his daily routine. “I had been farming since I was a child. I never attended a college or university. God taught me,” he instructed Arab News. He reaps plants together along with his sickle and gives tourists a chance to strive their hand at farming. He stated: “No one comes here and leaves empty-handed. This is our way.” hem being explained by passionate, skilled locals.

Written by Jonathan Brody


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