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Saudi Arabia Trains Over 1,300 Women Volunteers to Assist Worshippers at Prophet’s Mosque

Saudi Arabia Trains Over 1,300 Women Volunteers to Assist Worshippers at Prophet's Mosque

In a proactive move to enhance services for worshippers, Saudi Arabia has recently organized a series of training courses for 1,352 women volunteers. These volunteers were trained to provide assistance to worshippers visiting the Prophet’s Mosque in Medina, the second holiest site in Islam.

Organized by the General Authority for Care of the Prophet’s Mosque, the online courses focused on equipping the volunteers with essential skills in communication, crowd management, and providing guidance to women worshippers. The training aimed to ensure a smooth and efficient experience for worshippers, particularly as the holy month of Ramadan approaches.

The courses covered various themes, including the principles of voluntary work, effective crowd management techniques, and compassionate care for elderly and physically challenged individuals. With Ramadan being a peak season for Umrah pilgrimage at the Grand Mosque in Mecca, followed by visits to the Prophet’s Mosque in Medina, the training comes at a crucial time to prepare for the influx of worshippers.

Authorities responsible for the Prophet’s Mosque have affirmed their readiness to accommodate the large numbers of worshippers expected during Ramadan. Plans include the distribution of over 8.5 million Iftar meals to fasting worshippers and the provision of 2.5 million bottles of the blessed Zamzam water throughout the month.

In anticipation of the Ramadan rush, the General Authority for Care of the Prophet’s Mosque conducted a workshop to review preparations for the month. These preparations involve intensifying services to meet the needs of worshippers and visitors, such as cleaning and sterilizing prayer rugs and managing crowds during peak hours.

The significance of the Prophet’s Mosque as a revered site for Muslims worldwide is evident in the staggering number of visitors it receives. In 2023 alone, more than 280 million Muslims visited the mosque to pay their respects at Al Rawda Al Sharifa, the site of the tomb of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH).

The training of women volunteers underscores Saudi Arabia’s commitment to enhancing the pilgrimage experience and ensuring the well-being of worshippers. By equipping volunteers with essential skills and knowledge, the authorities aim to uphold the sanctity of the Prophet’s Mosque and provide a welcoming environment for worshippers from around the globe.

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