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Saudi Arabia set to invest over $175 Billion annually in industrial projects

The kingdom even intends to construct 660,000 homes and add 289,000 hotel rooms.


Saudi Arabia is gearing up for a construction boom of epic proportions, with plans to invest more than $175 billion annually in industrial and mega projects from 2025 to 2028. 

According to a report by McKinsey & Co., this ambitious endeavor is driven by a slew of major projects, including the futuristic Neom city and the Red Sea resorts, which together total approximately $1.3 trillion in investments. 

The report suggests that spending will peak at around $180 billion in 2026 and 2027, marking a significant departure from historical averages.

Unprecedented Construction Ambitions

McKinsey’s Findings

The report from McKinsey highlights the monumental scale of Saudi Arabia’s new construction ambitions. 

With annual contract awards expected to triple compared to historical averages, rising from $50 billion to $150 billion, the kingdom is set to embark on a massive infrastructure development journey.

Key Projects in the Pipeline

The report points to several critical projects, including Neom, the high-tech city of the future, and the Red Sea resorts along the western coast. These initiatives are at the forefront of Saudi Arabia’s vision for economic diversification and growth.

Resource Requirements

The resources required to fulfill these ambitious construction plans are substantial, and the report emphasizes the colossal nature of this endeavor. Meeting the goals set out by Saudi Arabia for the next decade will demand significant financial investments and a massive commitment of resources.


Saudi Arabia’s commitment to investing over $175 billion annually in industrial and mega projects reflects its determination to transform and diversify its economy. 

With the magnitude of these construction ambitions outlined in the McKinsey report, the kingdom is poised to redefine its infrastructure and create a landscape ripe for innovation and economic growth.

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