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Satwa’s Christmas Tree Market Enchants Dubai Residents

Satwa's alleys in Dubai come alive with the alluring allure of Christmas shoppers haggling for fresh trees.

As December arrives, Satwa’s streets in Dubai come alive with the enchanting charm of Christmas shoppers negotiating for fresh trees, imported from Canada, that adorn the market, transforming it into a winter wonderland filled with the scent of pine.

Tradition and Choice in Tree Selection:

Residents across the UAE flock to Satwa seeking the perfect Christmas tree, whether small and cozy or grand and towering, to elevate their homes’ festive allure. 

Carolina Borges, a Polish expat, cherishes the tradition and significance of decorating her home with a Fraser Fir, reminiscent of her homeland’s customs.

Variety and Personal Touch:

The market also offers Nordmann firs from Denmark, favored by many, including Angela, a Filipino expat, who selected a 10-foot tree to adorn her spacious hall. 

For her, decorating the tree with various treats and ornaments promises a joyous celebration for her expected guests.

The National Day weekend witnessed an exponential surge in demand, with sellers like Ahmed noting an overwhelming response, selling over 90 trees daily during the holiday period.

Tips for Tree Preservation and Sourcing Insights:

Gulshan Abdul Gafoor, Manager at National Flowers, shared insights into tree preservation, suggesting ways to extend their lifespan at home. 

He highlighted the different features of trees from Denmark and Canada, emphasizing their appearance and suitability for decoration.

Careful Handling and Customer Service:

Sellers meticulously unwrap and showcase the trees for buyers to inspect, ensuring quality and freshness. 

Once selected, the trees are neatly repackaged in nets for delivery to customers’ homes, offering a personalized and attentive shopping experience.

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