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Samsung to Introduce AI-Powered Call Translation in Next Galaxy Flagship

In its forthcoming Galaxy flagship model, Samsung Electronics plans to provide a pioneering real-time call translation service powered by AI technology.

Samsung Electronics is set to launch a groundbreaking real-time call translation service using AI technology in its upcoming Galaxy flagship model, scheduled for early next year’s release. 

The tech giant aims to simplify cross-language communication, likening the experience to “turning on closed captions.”

Seamless Integration into Galaxy Flagship:

The world’s largest smartphone maker plans to directly incorporate the new translation feature into its Galaxy flagship model. 

This innovation will facilitate real-time translation in both audio and text formats while callers are actively engaged in conversations, regardless of the languages involved. 

Samsung has not yet disclosed the exact number of languages that will be supported.

Inclusivity Across Devices:

Samsung assures users that the real-time translation feature will function seamlessly even if one of the call participants uses a non-Samsung smartphone.

This inclusivity is made possible by integrating “on-device AI technology” in the new Galaxy model.

This move by Samsung reflects the broader trend of major tech companies investing heavily in artificial intelligence. 

The global AI gold rush has already witnessed innovations such as human-like chatbots and software capable of generating realistic images and videos.

Potential Challenges and Analyst Perspectives:

While analysts acknowledge the potential significance of real-time voice call translation, questions remain about the practicality of the process. 

Lee Won-kang, head of the AI-based translation startup XL8’s South Korea operation, emphasizes the need to experience and evaluate the technology firsthand, especially regarding the speed and voice quality of the translations.

Beyond Translation – Samsung’s Generative AI Model:

Samsung is concurrently developing a generative AI model called Samsung Gauss, spanning language, code, and image applications. 

This technology is expected to be integrated across a range of Samsung products, offering assistance in composing emails, summarizing documents, simplifying coding for developers, and enhancing image resolution.

Addressing Privacy Concerns:

In response to growing concerns about data privacy, Samsung emphasizes that GalaxyAI, the embedded AI system, operates on devices, ensuring that “private conversations never leave your phone.” 

This commitment aligns with the ongoing discourse around the responsible use of AI technology.

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