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SAG-AFTRA Responds to Ryan Reynolds’ Halloween Costume Comment

SAG-AFTRA has established standards for Halloween costumes, outlining three ground rules.

SAG-AFTRA recently issued guidelines for Halloween costumes, specifying three rules for the occasion.

These rules discouraged costumes inspired by struck content and encouraged dressing up as characters from non-struck content.

Ryan Reynolds Mocks Costume Rules:

Actor Ryan Reynolds, known for his role as Deadpool, humorously criticized the guild’s Halloween costume recommendations on social media.

His playful comment joked about teasing his 8-year-old daughter, who is not a union member.

Guild Issues Clarification:

In response to the actor’s comment, SAG-AFTRA issued a clarification, making it clear that the rules were not intended to apply to anyone’s children.

The guild emphasized that the Halloween guidelines were designed to help content creators and members support the ongoing strike, which has been ongoing for nearly 100 days.

Strike’s Importance:

SAG-AFTRA reiterated that the strike’s primary focus is on important industry-related issues and getting studios back to the negotiating table for a fair deal.

The guild emphasized its dedication to resolving key concerns and returning the industry to work.

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