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Sadhguru Set to Lead Largest Meditation Event in Dubai

Yogi Sadhguru will bring the world's largest meditation programme to Dubai on December 9 at the Coca-Cola Arena, where a crowd of over 12,000 is expected.

Renowned spiritual leader Yogi Sadhguru is bringing the largest meditation program to Dubai on December 9 at the Coca-Cola Arena, expecting a crowd of over 12,000 attendees. 

The event, titled ‘Sadhguru in Dubai – Meet, Mingle, and Meditate,’ aims to introduce meditation and yoga’s transformative power to the UAE’s heart.

Meditation’s Profound Impact on Inner Peace:

Highlighting the significance of meditation, Sadhguru emphasizes its role in creating inner peace and joy. 

He emphasizes its ability to foster an environment conducive to personal growth and unleashing one’s innate potential.

The Dubai program welcomes novice and experienced meditators, offering guided meditation sessions, live Q&A, and interactive segments to nurture holistic well-being and inner development.

Sadhguru’s Engagement at COP28:

Sadhguru’s involvement extends beyond the meditation event. He will host panel discussions and fireside chats at the COP28 climate change conference, advocating for the Save Soil movement. 

This movement promotes national policies and actions to elevate soil organic matter to 3-6%, deemed essential for soil health and vitality.

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