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Russian Forces Make Gains in Ukraine Offensive, Putin Confirms

President Vladimir Putin acknowledged development in Avdiivka, a large industrial centre that has seen fierce combat.

According to President Vladimir Putin, who mentioned progress in Avdiivka, a significant industrial center that has witnessed intense fighting, Russian forces have made gains in their Ukraine offensive.

Putin stated, “Our troops are improving their position in almost all of this area, which is quite vast,” in an interview on Russian television. He highlighted areas such as Kupiansk, Zaporizhzhia, and Avdiivka while praising the army’s “active defense strategy.”

Intense Fighting in Avdiivka:

The Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, reported “very heated” fighting around Avdiivka on Saturday, indicating that Russian forces had been continually assaulting the city for several days to encircle it. 

Avdiivka, located just 15 kilometers from Moscow-held Donetsk, symbolizes Ukrainian resistance and has been a front-line city since 2014.

Control and Civilians in Avdiivka:

Russian forces have gained control of territory to the east, north, and south of Avdiivka to push Ukrainian forces further away from Donetsk. The city is believed to have around 1,600 civilians, down from its pre-war population 31,000.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky had previously asserted that Kyiv was holding its ground in Avdiivka. The Ukrainian army reported on Sunday that Russian attacks in the area had been repelled and remained unsuccessful.

Observations of Russian Losses:

Some analysts, using open-source images of the Avdiivka assault posted on social networks, have noted that Russian forces appear to suffer significant losses of military equipment.

Putin’s Assessment of Counter-Offensive:

Putin reiterated that Ukraine’s counter-offensive had “totally failed.” He mentioned that the enemy was preparing new offensive operations in some combat zones, and Russia was reacting accordingly.

Casualties and Escalation:

Russian strikes in the eastern region of Kharkiv and Kherson have led to four deaths and three injuries since Saturday, according to local authorities, marking an escalation in the ongoing conflict.

Please note that this article represents the provided text and is not based on specific real events or statements by Vladimir Putin.

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