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Rumailah Farm’s Innovative Leap: Pioneering Sustainable Dairy Production in the UAE

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Award-Winning Approach: Embracing Sustainability and Quality in Dairy Farming”

Rumailah Farm, a leading UAE dairy product manufacturer, has recently been honored with the prestigious HH Sheikh Mansour Bin Zayed Agricultural Excellence Award. This accolade recognizes the farm’s significant contributions to sustainable farming and innovative dairy production practices. General Manager Abdullah Taleb expressed pride in receiving this award, highlighting it as a testament to the farm’s dedication to innovation, sustainability, and community involvement.

The farm, known for its popular coffee shops along the UAE’s East Coast, prides itself on using Jersey Cows, famed for their creamy milk. This commitment to quality is matched by an equally strong dedication to sustainable practices. Rumailah Farm has implemented innovative methods and technologies to efficiently use resources and reduce its carbon footprint, such as streamlining water and energy consumption.

Central to Rumailah Farm’s success is its ethical approach to animal welfare. Working closely with qualified veterinarians and nutritionists, the farm ensures that its cows receive the best possible care, leading to healthier animals and superior dairy products. Taleb emphasized that the farm is continually looking for new ways to reduce its environmental impact and improve the lives of its animals.

Rumailah Farm’s success and the receipt of the Agricultural Excellence Award also underscore the potential of the UAE’s dairy industry, despite the challenges posed by the country’s arid climate. Taleb envisions a future where the UAE’s dairy sector is globally recognized for its quality, innovation, and sustainability

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