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RTA unveils marine routes for New Year’s eve skyline spectacle

'New Year Trip' is open under the area section and offers a selection between ferry, open abra, AC abra, and water cab.

‘New Year Trip’ is open under the area section and offers a selection between ferry, open abra, AC abra, and water cab.

RTA’s New Year’s Eve Offering:

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai has revealed exclusive marine routes designed to offer unparalleled views of Dubai’s mesmerizing skyline during the highly anticipated New Year’s Eve festivities. 

In a recent announcement shared on X (formerly Twitter), the authority encouraged residents and visitors to embark on a memorable journey to 2024 via their specially curated marine routes.

Spectacular Waterway Experience:

The RTA’s initiative invites individuals to board various marine transportation options, including Ferries, Water Taxis, and Abras, to relish the spectacular vistas of Dubai’s iconic skyline as the city welcomes the New Year. 

These scenic routes promise a unique and immersive experience, providing an ideal vantage point to witness the grandeur of Dubai’s skyline illumination and celebratory displays.

Celebrating Amidst Scenic Backdrops:

Passengers availing these specialized marine routes can anticipate an unforgettable celebration while cruising along Dubai’s waterways, capturing panoramic views of the city’s illuminated landmarks and iconic structures. 

The initiative aims to offer a distinctive way for revelers to ring in the New Year amidst the breathtaking backdrop of Dubai’s glittering skyline.

The RTA’s introduction of these exclusive marine routes provides an innovative opportunity for residents and tourists alike to commemorate the arrival of 2024 while enjoying a picturesque journey across Dubai’s captivating waterfront, enhancing the festive spirit and offering an unforgettable start to the New Year.

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