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RTA Reports Progress on Dubai’s Internal Roads and Street Lighting Project

RTA said on Sunday that roughly 72% of internal road and street lighting construction work had been completed.

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) announced on Sunday that approximately 72% of construction work on the internal roads and street lighting in Margham, Lehbab, Al Lisaili, and Hatta has been completed. 

This project is a key step towards enhancing the urban infrastructure and improving the well-being of residents.

Scope of the Project:

The ambitious project spans 38 kilometers, encompassing 19 kilometers of new roads and the installation of lighting poles along another 19 kilometers of existing streets.

Mattar Al Tayer, Director-General and Chairman of RTA, emphasized that this internal roads project has been initiated to meet the needs of demographic growth and urban expansion, ensuring a better quality of life for the emirate’s residents.

Margham and Lehbab:

In Margham and Lehbab, the project includes:

  • Road construction.
  • The development of rainwater drainage networks.
  • Road paving.
  • The installation of street lighting.

These enhancements will benefit around 14,000 residents in the two areas. The Margham section specifically covers the construction of roads along a 5-kilometer stretch near Dubai-Al Ain Road, close to Skydive Dubai.

Al Lisaili:

In Al Lisaili, the internal road works extend over 7 kilometers. At the same time, street lighting improvements will cover existing roads at Saih Assalam near the Last Exit and Al Qudra Lakes, totaling 14 kilometers. 

These upgrades are expected to enhance entry and exit points in the area, benefiting approximately 2,900 residents.


The Hatta section of the project focuses on road construction spanning 2 kilometers in areas such as Saa’eer, Al Salami, and Suhaila. 

Infrastructure enhancements include rainwater drainage and street lighting. 

These developments will serve around 6,000 residents, improving entry and exit points and facilitating connectivity between the newly developed residential community and the broader road network.

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