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RTA Endorses Guidelines for NOC Submission to Facilitate Infrastructure Projects

RTA Endorses Guidelines for NOC Submission to Facilitate Infrastructure Projects

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has taken a significant step forward in enhancing infrastructure project management by endorsing the first version of the Rail Agency No Objection Certificate (NOC) Submission Guidelines. These guidelines serve as a comprehensive resource for contractors, consultants, and individuals seeking permits for projects within the rail right-of-way zone.

With a commitment to improving customer service and simplifying procedures, RTA’s guide outlines the necessary documents and standards required for obtaining permits. By providing clear instructions, the aim is to expedite the approval process and enhance efficiency, ultimately leading to increased customer satisfaction.

The release of these guidelines is part of RTA’s proactive approach to streamline operations, increase transparency, and reduce service time. By making the guide readily accessible on the RTA website, stakeholders can easily access and benefit from the valuable information provided by the Rail Agency.

Abdulrahman Mohammad Aljanahi, Director of Rail Right of Way at RTA’s Rail Agency, highlighted the significance of this initiative in expediting project timelines and improving service standards in Dubai. He emphasized that by facilitating NOC transactions, RTA is promoting efficiency and effectiveness in project execution, fostering stronger partnerships, and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Furthermore, Aljanahi underscored the role of these guidelines in bolstering real estate development and investment in Dubai. By strengthening the infrastructure framework, RTA is contributing to an improved quality of life for residents across the emirate.

This endorsement marks a pivotal moment in Dubai’s infrastructure development efforts, demonstrating RTA’s dedication to driving progress and innovation in the transportation sector.

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