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“RTA Completes Phase III of Accessibility Project for People of Determination”

"RTA Completes Phase III of Accessibility Project for People of Determination"

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has achieved a significant milestone in its commitment to inclusivity by finalizing Phase III of the Qualifying Facilities project. This initiative aims to retrofit RTA buildings and facilities to ensure accessibility and user-friendliness for People of Determination, aligning with the standards set by the ‘Dubai Building Code.’

In this latest phase, a total of 26 buildings and facilities have been upgraded to meet the prescribed standards. These include the RTA Head Office, 15 bus stations, four multi-level parking terminals, two customer happiness centers, five administrative buildings, and the Al Jaddaf Marine Transport Station.

Modernization Efforts

The completion of Phase III underscores RTA’s dedication to continuously improving its infrastructure to accommodate the needs of all individuals, including those with disabilities. The enhancements implemented adhere to the evolving standards of the ‘Dubai Building Code,’ ensuring accessibility for People of Determination. These upgrades encompass various aspects, such as:

  • Creating accessible pathways for the visually impaired indoors and outdoors.
  • Installing automatic entrance doors for easier access.
  • Adding ramps and informative signboards to guide individuals.
  • Establishing designated waiting areas tailored to the needs of People of Determination.
  • Providing spacious and easily accessible elevators.

Enhanced Accommodations

As part of the project, RTA has equipped its facilities with specialized amenities to better serve individuals with disabilities. Tactile guide plates with Braille support individuals with visual impairments, while advanced devices are available for those with hearing difficulties to facilitate service requests. Additionally, necessary aids like wheelchairs are provided to assist clients with mobility challenges.

Facility Upgrades Across Locations

The rehabilitation efforts spanned six months and targeted key locations across Dubai, including RTA’s Head Office and various bus stations such as Hatta, Al Qusais, and Jebel Ali. Additionally, multi-level parking terminals and customer happiness centers were revamped to ensure inclusivity and accessibility for all users.

Focus on Customer Happiness

RTA has placed a strong emphasis on enhancing its Customer Happiness Centers, ensuring they are fully equipped to cater to the diverse needs of People of Determination. Facilities such as the Umm Ramool and Deira Customer Happiness Centers have undergone rehabilitation to provide a welcoming environment for all visitors.

Commitment to Standards

Before commencing rehabilitation works, RTA conducts thorough assessments in collaboration with Dubai Municipality to ensure compliance with accessibility standards. This proactive approach has earned RTA recognition, with both Al Ghubaiba Bus Station and the Deira Customer Happiness Center receiving the Gold certificate in the “Accessible for All” category from Dubai Municipality.

Through these concerted efforts, RTA continues to champion inclusivity and accessibility, reaffirming its commitment to serving all members of the community.

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