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RTA and Careem Bike to Provide Free Bikes for Dubai Ride Participants

The RTA has teamed up with Careem Bike to offer free bikes to locals and visitors taking part in the upcoming Dubai Ride cycling event.

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has partnered with Careem Bike to provide free bikes to residents and visitors participating in the upcoming Dubai Ride cycling event. 

This initiative aims to make the event accessible to individuals who do not own bicycles and promote a healthy lifestyle as part of the Dubai 30×30 challenge.

Free Bike Pickup Locations:

Participants can collect free bikes from Careem’s bike docking stations located at Entrance A, Museum of the Future (MOTF), Trade Centre Street, and Entrance E, Lower FCS, Financial Centre Road near Roda Al Murooj Building A. Bikes will be available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Subscription and Rental Options:

Participants also have the option to subscribe and rent a Careem Bike from any of the 192 stations across Dubai. Overtime fees for rides exceeding 45 minutes will be waived during the Dubai Ride event. 

This collaboration enhances RTA’s partnership with Careem and encourages sustainable transportation.

Procedure for Free Bikes:

To avail of the free bike ride for Dubai Ride, participants need to download the Careem app, click the ‘Bike’ icon, and subscribe to the ‘Dubai Ride Pass’ (priced at Dh00.00) on November 12 from 2 am to 7.30 am. 

Free bikes can be picked up from Entrance A – MOTF pop-up stations and Entrance E – lower FCS or any 192 Careem Bike docking stations. 

Helmets are required, and participants must register on the Dubai Ride website. Card details are needed for security, but you will not be charged for borrowing the bikes.

Dubai Ride Details:

The Dubai Ride routes open to the public at 6.15 am, with all cyclists starting their journey at 6.30 am and concluding at 7.30 am. 

The event is part of the Dubai 30×30 challenge, promoting a bike-friendly city and encouraging sustainable transportation choices.

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