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RTA Alerts: Sheikh Zayed Road Delay; Read Why

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has issued a cautionary advisory for motorists regarding potential delays on the key thoroughfare, Sheikh Zayed Road. 

The warning stems from the presence of rainwater accumulation on the highway due to the prevailing unstable weather conditions in the region.

Morning Commute Precautions:

The authority advises Drivers on their morning commute to anticipate pools of rainwater along Sheikh Zayed Road. 

In light of this advisory, the RTA suggests considering alternative routes, notably Al Khail Road, to avoid potential delays and ensure smoother travel.

RTA’s Response:

The RTA’s emergency team is actively working to alleviate traffic disruptions and restore optimal traffic flow along Sheikh Zayed Road. 

Immediate measures are underway to address the impact of rainwater on the highway to mitigate any inconvenience caused to commuters.

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