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Rising Number of Prohibited Items in Passenger Baggage at Mumbai Airport

Check-in baggage is being refused at a higher rate at Mumbai International Airport as customers bring more prohibited goods.

There has been a noticeable increase in the rate at which check-in baggage is being declined at Mumbai International Airport as passengers carry more items that are banned, including dry coconut (copra), fireworks, flares, party poppers, matches, paint, fire camphor, ghee, pickles, and other oily food items.

Potential Risks to Flight Safety:

Items such as e-cigarettes, lighters, power banks, and spray bottles are among the top culprits. 

When mishandled or stored improperly, these items pose potential risks to flight safety, as they are associated with fire hazards, explosions, or interference with the aircraft’s electrical systems.

Dry coconut contains a high amount of oil and is a significant concern. Passengers carried 943 dry coconuts in their check-in bags in a single month last year. Dry coconut’s high flammability can pose a fire risk if exposed to heat inside an aircraft.

Lack of Awareness:

The rising trend in baggage rejection is attributed to a lack of awareness among travelers regarding prohibited or dangerous items. 

Passengers are urged to prioritize understanding the guidelines issued by the airport or airlines regarding items considered hazardous and prohibited.

Passenger Traffic to Top International Destinations:

Dubai, London, and Abu Dhabi continue to be the most preferred international destinations for passengers traveling from Mumbai Airport, reflecting a 21% increase in passenger traffic compared to the previous year.

While certain religious items are emotionally significant during festive periods, passengers are reminded that seemingly harmless items can pose life-threatening safety and security risks. 

Awareness of prohibited and dangerous items is crucial to ensure safe and secure air travel.

Increasing Proportion of Rejected Baggage:

The proportion of rejected check-in bags compared to the total number of screened bags has risen from 0.31% in December 2022 to 0.73% in May.

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