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Rising encounters: Fujairah’s snake situation

Snakes are hibernating for a shorter duration, say experts.

Snakes are hibernating for a shorter duration, say experts.

Increased Intervention:

Environment officers in Fujairah have been prompted into action on 48 occasions this year to relocate venomous snakes from both gardens and vehicles within the emirate. This surge in interventions marks a notable uptick compared to previous years.

Potential Causes:

Authorities attribute this rise in snake encounters to several factors. One probable contributor is the burgeoning popularity of camping activities. Leftover food attracting these reptiles might be altering their feeding patterns, leading to a proliferation in snake populations.

Climate Influence:

Additionally, climate change is posited as a potential influencer of snake behavior in the UAE. It’s speculated that alterations in climatic conditions might be prompting snakes to be active during periods when they were traditionally dormant, thereby increasing human-snake interactions.

Reptilian Diversity:

With the UAE hosting 13 snake species, including four venomous ones, these reptiles occasionally find their way into residential spaces, particularly in recently constructed settlements and more remote regions. Gardens and homes become occasional habitats for these creatures.

The evolving dynamics of human activities and climatic shifts appear to be intertwining, impacting the interaction between snakes and residents in Fujairah. This escalating trend necessitates both vigilance and potentially evolving strategies to manage human-wildlife coexistence.

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