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Rising Demand for Palestinian Keffiyeh in UAE Signals Solidarity

In the midst of the ongoing crisis, the Palestinian keffiyeh has acquired importance in the UAE as a powerful symbol of sympathy with Palestinians.

The Palestinian keffiyeh, historically a symbol of cultural heritage, has gained prominence in the UAE as a powerful emblem of solidarity with Palestinians amidst the ongoing conflict. 

Its traditional black-and-white checkered pattern has evolved into a profound statement of support for the Palestinian cause.

Surge in Demand and Symbolic Representation:

Local markets, particularly in Deira, have experienced a notable surge in sales of keffiyeh and related products, with residents purchasing these items as a display of solidarity. 

Abdul Haleem, a local store salesperson, notes a significant increase in sales specifically driven by people’s desire to express support for Palestinians.

Diverse Uses and Market Response:

Keffiyeh scarves, priced from Dh25, have become a favored accessory worn in various ways, from head coverings to neck adornments, while women incorporate them into their attire. 

The market’s response to heightened demand has expanded beyond scarves to encompass a range of products bearing the keffiyeh print, including shawls, key chains, mugs, and bags.

Expanded Inventory and Wholesale Response:

Vendors like Ashif and Abdul Badi have diversified their inventory to accommodate increased demand, offering various designs of shawls and products in keffiyeh prints. 

Wholesale prices cater to those purchasing in bulk, with retail costs ranging from Dh20 for shawls to Dh250 for premium scarves, allowing wider accessibility for consumers.

Personal Initiative in Production:

Entrepreneurs like Germine have initiated crafting bags with keffiyeh designs, witnessing a substantial rise in demand since the conflict began. 

Germine’s handmade bags have seen an upsurge in orders, illustrating the community’s proactive support for Palestinians through these symbolic purchases.

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