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Revolutionizing transport: Dubai’s electric air taxis

Cars for launch in the UAE are on display at the Dubai Airshow this week.


Dubai gears up for a groundbreaking shift in transportation as electric air taxis, capable of accommodating six passengers, are set to commence testing in the city next year. This innovative initiative marks a significant leap toward sustainable aviation.

Innovative Partnership and Testing

The Spanish company Crisalion, after conducting trials of its zero-emission eVTOL (electric vertical take-off and landing) vehicle named Integrity since 2019 in northern Spain, now joins hands with UAE firm Valtrans Transportation Systems and Services to introduce these cutting-edge air taxis to Dubai.

Unveiling at Dubai Airshow

The debut of the Integrity at the prestigious Dubai Airshow signifies a milestone in the city’s pursuit of futuristic, eco-friendly transportation solutions.

Performance and Features

This fully electric vehicle boasts a cruising speed of 180kph, reaching a top speed of approximately 216kph. Notably, its operation generates significantly lower noise levels compared to conventional helicopters, promising a more serene urban air travel experience.

The prospect of electric air taxis promises not just a convenient mode of transport but also represents a vital step toward reducing environmental impact and fostering a new era of sustainable aviation in Dubai and beyond.

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