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Revolutionizing business engagement in climate action at Cop28

Badr Jaafar expects sectors to help smooth the disruptive 'discontinuity' between yearly climate meetings.

Badr Jaafar expects sectors to help smooth the disruptive ‘discontinuity’ between yearly climate meetings.

The business sector has historically not been considered a true partner at climate conferences, but Cop28 aims to revolutionize this perception, according to Badr Jafar, the Cop28 Special Representative for Business and Philanthropy.

Shifting the Paradigm: Business as a Crucial Partner

Badr Jafar, a prominent Emirati business executive, expressed concern that business representatives have often felt like “unwanted guests” at climate conferences. He stressed the need for a paradigm shift to address climate change effectively.

Harmonizing the Two Sectors

Mr. Jafar highlighted the potential of both the business and philanthropic sectors in bridging the gap between annual climate summits, where there is often a sense of “discontinuity.”

Institutionalizing Business and Philanthropy Engagement

Cop28 is actively working on strategies to institutionalize business and philanthropy engagement as integral parts of the Cop process. 

The goal is to move beyond mere pledges, accords, and announcements towards tangible impact and implementation.

Leading the Way: Cop28 Business and Philanthropy Climate Forum

Badr Jafar will head the Cop28 business and philanthropy climate forum, which will play a pivotal role in bringing about this transformation in how business sectors engage in climate action. 

This forum seeks to foster a stronger collaboration between the public and private sectors to address the urgent global challenge of climate change.

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