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Revolutionary Heart Surgery Without Chest Incision Saves Baby’s Life in UAE

Revolutionary Heart Surgery Without Chest Incision Saves Baby's Life in UAE

In a groundbreaking medical feat, doctors at the Cardiac Centre of Al Qassimi Women’s and Children’s Hospital in Sharjah, under Emirates Health Services (EHS), successfully performed a life-saving open-heart surgery on a 10-month-old baby with a hole in the heart ventricle. This achievement marks a significant milestone in pediatric cardiac care, as the procedure was conducted without the need for a chest incision.

The infant, diagnosed with ventricular septal defect, was transferred from Fujairah Hospital due to multiple health complications associated with the condition. Ventricular septal defect refers to a hole in the wall separating the heart’s lower chambers, posing a grave threat to the child’s life if left untreated.

Instead of opting for traditional open-heart surgery involving chest bone incision, the medical team at Al Qassimi Women’s and Children’s Hospital utilized a pioneering technique through minimally invasive surgery. The procedure involved closing the hole using a new approach through a small opening under the child’s right arm.

This innovative approach not only ensures a concealed and less visible surgical site but also promotes a better quality of life for the child post-recovery. Additionally, patients undergoing minimally invasive surgery experience swift recuperation, leading to a reduced hospital stay duration for patient care.

Dr. Khalid Khalfan Sabet, Assistant Director for Medical Affairs, praised the expertise of the medical team, emphasizing the outstanding nature of the procedure. The doctors involved were duly honored for their exemplary work, highlighting the significance of this innovative medical advancement, particularly in complex pediatric cases.

Dr. Hamza El Nadi, Consultant Pediatric Cardiac Surgeon, underscored the severity of congenital heart defects in children, emphasizing the critical role of innovative medical procedures in saving lives. He noted that while such defects are relatively rare, they pose a significant risk to infants’ lives. The success of this procedure not only addresses the child’s medical condition but also reduces the recovery period, allowing for a quicker return to normalcy.

This groundbreaking achievement underscores the commitment of the UAE’s healthcare sector to pioneering advancements and providing top-notch medical services to patients, aligning with the strategic goals of Emirates Health Services to ensure the well-being of the community.

In conclusion, the successful execution of this revolutionary surgery without chest incision signifies a significant leap forward in pediatric cardiac care in the UAE, offering hope and saving lives of young patients with congenital heart defects.

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