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Reviving nature through innovation: Land Life’s mission at Cop28

Dutch firm Land Life has planted over nine million trees in projects from Mexico to Australia.

Dutch firm Land Life has planted over nine million trees in projects from Mexico to Australia.

In a pioneering move towards reforestation, Land Life, a technology-driven company based in the Netherlands, is set to convey a powerful message on nature restoration at Cop28. 

Their groundbreaking efforts focus on rejuvenating arid lands by cultivating forests, showcasing an effective method for ecological revival.

A Global Impact

Collaborating with corporations, local communities, and non-governmental organizations, Land Life has undertaken ambitious projects across Spain, the United States, Cameroon, and Australia. With a commitment to revitalize degraded land, the company has successfully planted over nine million trees in these regions, marking a significant stride in their mission.

Restoring Degraded Landscapes

The term “degraded land” encapsulates areas that have suffered a decline in natural productivity due to human-induced processes. Land Life’s innovative approach stands as a beacon of hope, aiming to reverse this trend by reintroducing flourishing forests in these compromised environments.

A Focus on Longevity

Rebekah Braswell, Land Life’s CEO, emphasizes a crucial distinction in their approach. While many boast about the number of trees planted, Land Life prioritizes sustainability. 

“Lots of people can tell you how many trees they have planted, but not so many can tell you how many trees are still alive today,” Braswell expressed to The National, underlining the company’s commitment to ensuring the survival and growth of the trees they plant.

Land Life’s participation at Cop28 not only highlights their achievements but also serves as an inspiration for effective, sustainable methods of nature restoration on a global scale.

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