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Revival of Al Hira: Sharjah’s Historic Jewel

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A Cultural Renaissance in Sharjah: The Revival of 410-Year-Old Al Hira

Sharjah, a cultural beacon in the United Arab Emirates, has initiated a remarkable project to revive Al Hira, a historic town with a legacy dating back four centuries. Founded in 1613 when the Al Qawasim tribe first arrived, Al Hira is now set to give visitors a glimpse into life in the emirate as it was centuries ago​​​​.

Al Hira: A Cradle of Cultural and Literary Richness

Al Hira, once a center for the development of the UAE’s Nabati poetry, hosted literary meetings and poetry gatherings, attracting philosophers, writers, and poets. This revival project, led by Dr. Sheikh Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah, aims to commemorate the town’s founding and its rich literary history. The project includes the transformation of the house of Sultan bin Abdullah bin Majid Al Owais into a 900-square-meter Al Hira Literary Majlis, a space dedicated to literature and poetry​​​​​​.

Preserving Heritage and Boosting Tourism

The revival of Al Hira is part of Sharjah’s broader effort to boost cultural tourism. This project goes beyond mere restoration; it symbolizes a cultural renaissance, honoring traditions and investing in the future. The Sharjah Investment and Development Authority is also developing Al Hira Beach, poised to be Sharjah’s longest beach, further enriching the emirate’s tourism landscape​​​​.

Al Hira Majlis: A Tribute to Sharjah’s Literary Legacy

The Al Hira Literary Majlis stands as a tribute to the town’s historical significance in the realm of Arabic literature, particularly Nabati poetry. The inauguration of this majlis by Sheikh Sultan is a testament to Sharjah’s commitment to preserving its cultural heritage and promoting literary excellence. Additionally, Sheikh Sultan witnessed the world premiere of the drama “Al Hira Majlis” at the 20th Sharjah Arabic Poetry Festival, a piece that chronicles the history of Al Hira and the movement of the Al Qawasim clan​​.

Conclusion: A Step Towards a Vibrant Future

The revival of Al Hira is more than a restoration project; it is a step towards a vibrant and dynamic future for Sharjah, blending its rich past with modern aspirations. This initiative not only preserves the emirate’s heritage but also paves the way for a thriving cultural tourism sector, showcasing Sharjah’s unique historical and literary significance to the world.

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