Restaurant in UAE shuts down for food violations

A restaurant in Al Ain city has been shut down for violating food hygiene rules, officials have announced.

The Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority (ADAFSA) on Tuesday said that it issued the notice to close the “Blue Land” restaurant facility located in Al Yahar area of Al Ain following repeated violations of health and food safety requirements.

The officials said the restaurant was frequent with the presence of high-risk items with no serious attempts by owners to take the necessary corrective action to clean up their act.

The inspectors had issued 3 warnings for the low level of hygiene in food handling and in preservation areas. Despite repeat citations to the operators of the facility, no measures taken to correct the violations. Which hit risks to consumers’ health due to bad food safety.

The administrative closure order will remain in effect until the violations are correct. And the facility fulfils all the necessary food safety needs to ensure safety of the people, the authority said.

ADAFSA also pointed out that the detection of the violations and the subsequent closure of the restaurant were during inspections conducted by officials. With the goal of strengthening the safety of food system in the emirate of Abu Dhabi.

Officials said they carry out the supervisory role regularly to make sure that all establishments adhere to food safety requirements.

“All eatery outlets are subject to periodic inspection by Adafsa inspection teams to ensure they comply with food safety requirements,” officials stated.

Adafsa requested the residents to report any violations they detect in food outlets. And when in doubt about the contents of the food products, to the Abu Dhabi government toll-free number 800555. So that neccessary legal action can be taken.

The UAE food authority have passed strict rules and safeTy measures to maintain the food Hygine.

Written by Martha Paul


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