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Resilience Stories: Fujairah Businesses Rebuild After Devastating Floods

Sadiq Khan, a fodder and feed trader, suffered significant losses of around Dh1 million as a result of the floods.

The heavy rains that flooded Fujairah in July 2022 caused significant damage to businesses in the area. Many establishments were completely wiped out, pushing owners to the brink of closure.

Afghan Expatriate Rebuilds Nursery with Unexpected Support:

BK, an Afghan expatriate who lost his plantation and nursery, faced an uncertain future. However, a generous gesture from a farm owner, whose garden BK had beautified earlier, provided unexpected support. With Dh25,000 as a gift, BK established a new nursery away from the corniche.

Badr ul Siddiq, a grocery store owner, faced losses and closure due to the floods. A compassionate Emirati customer recognized his plight and offered Dh50,000 to rebuild. Siddiq borrowed the amount and reopened his store, expressing gratitude for the unexpected support.

Fodder Trader Anticipates Recovery Despite Dh1 Million Losses:

Sadiq Khan, a fodder and feed trader, incurred substantial losses of approximately Dh1 million during the floods. Despite the setbacks, Sadiq’s younger brother, Akbar, manages the business in Pakistan and remains optimistic about a complete recovery in the coming months.

A sports shop in Fujairah lost inventory worth over Dh70,000 in the floods, leading to the donation and discarding of items. The shopkeeper remains hopeful, anticipating increased business during winter as residents engage in more physical activities.

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