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Report illicit activities through ‘Al Ameen’ service in Dubai

Citizens can register complaints via numerous channels with assistance available around the clock, seven days a week.

Citizens can register complaints via numerous channels with assistance available around the clock, seven days a week.

Dubai residents and visitors have a powerful tool at their disposal to combat illegal activities and promote security and order within the emirate of Dubai and the UAE. The ‘Al Ameen’ service offers a platform for individuals to report a wide range of concerns, contributing to a safer and more ethical community.

Fighting Corruption and Unethical Conduct

  • Corruption: Report instances of corruption, such as bribery and abuse of power, to ensure transparency and accountability in government and business dealings.
  • Ethical Misconduct: Use ‘Al Ameen’ to report unethical behavior by individuals or organizations, upholding moral standards within the community.

Protecting Labor Rights

  • Job Exploitation: Raise awareness of unfair labor practices and exploitation of workers, helping to safeguard the rights of employees.

Ensuring Public Safety

  • Terrorist and Extremist Activities: Play a crucial role in thwarting terrorist and extremist activities that pose a threat to public safety and security.
  • Armed Gangs and Organized Crimes: Report incidents involving armed gangs and organized criminal activities, aiding law enforcement in maintaining order.

Preserving Legal Integrity

  • Forgery of Governmental and Official Documents: Alert authorities to cases of document forgery and misuse, ensuring the integrity of government records.
  • Counterfeit Currencies: Help protect the economy by reporting counterfeit currency circulation.

Safeguarding National Security

  • Espionage and Disclosure of Sensitive Secrets: Contribute to national security by reporting espionage activities and the release of sensitive state information.
  • Issues Against Leadership, Government, and Politics: Report concerns related to leadership, government, and political matters to ensure stability and lawful governance.

Maintaining Social Harmony

  • Spreading Rumors and Propaganda: Combat the spread of false information and propaganda designed to influence public opinion and disrupt social order.

Upholding Regulatory Compliance

  • Regulatory Breaches: Report violations of laws and regulations in various sectors and industries, promoting a fair and just society.

Preventing Future Unlawful Activities

  • Unlawful Activity Planning: Provide critical information about planned unlawful activities that could endanger the security and welfare of Dubai, the UAE, or other nations.

The ‘Al Ameen’ service stands as a testament to Dubai and the UAE’s commitment to security, ethics, and community well-being. 

By using this service responsibly and in accordance with the law, individuals can actively contribute to the safety and prosperity of the emirate and the nation as a whole.

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