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Renowned Fashion Icon Dr. Moon Mukerjee Continues to Elevate Inclusivity in Fashion

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Fashion For All Season 3 Set to Showcase Diversity and Talent

Dr. Moon Mukerjee, the visionary founder of Fashion For All Dubai and CEO of Demi Lune Events, is once again making headlines with the highly anticipated third season of Fashion For All (FFA). The event, which has become a staple in the UAE’s fashion calendar, promises to be bigger and more inclusive than ever, celebrating diversity in every form.

A Grand Celebration of Diversity

The Fashion For All event, held on May 25 at Al Habtoor Palace Hotel, was a vibrant gathering of fashion enthusiasts, models, and designers from around the world. Participants hailed from various countries, including India, Africa, Egypt, Thailand, the Philippines, Algeria, and China, each bringing their unique flair to the runway. This year’s auditions were marked by an impressive display of talent, highlighting individuals of different body types, ages, and ethnic backgrounds.

Dr. Mukerjee’s commitment to inclusivity is evident in every aspect of FFA. “We aim to create a platform that celebrates the diversity and richness of our global community. Fashion is for everyone, and our mission is to make that a reality,” she stated. The auditions were judged by a panel of 10 distinguished jurors, who assessed participants based on their personality and dedication to transforming through fashion.

Building a Platform for Emerging Talent

Dr. Mukerjee’s vision for FFA extends beyond just showcasing fashion. The event serves as a launchpad for emerging designers and models, providing them with a unique opportunity to connect with industry professionals. This year, the show features collections from renowned designers such as Lagon Moda, Mona Lee, Priya Fashion, Ivorine Couture, Just Road Fashion, and BRM Clothing.

The event also includes the Gulf Awards, recognizing excellence across various industries. This year’s FFA season has garnered support from prominent sponsors like DR.ITFIXING and Emirates Health Care, alongside media backing from ZEN FILMS by Zenofar Fatima.

Embracing Inclusivity: Special Initiatives

One of the standout features of this year’s FFA is the inclusion of specially-abled children, made possible through a partnership with Gems Education. This initiative underscores Dr. Mukerjee’s dedication to making fashion accessible and celebratory for everyone, regardless of physical ability.

The press conference that followed the auditions was a lively affair, with an opening act by famous musician Lina Amor and a dynamic Q&A session. Media representatives from around the globe attended, highlighting the event’s growing international appeal.

Looking Ahead: The Grand Finale

The excitement culminates on September 14 at the Millennium Crown Plaza Hotel in Dubai, where the grand finale of FFA Season 3 will take place. The event is set to feature an even more diverse range of designers and models. Dr. Mukerjee, expressing her enthusiasm, remarked, “Our goal is to push the boundaries of inclusivity and diversity in the fashion industry. We are thrilled with the journey so far and look forward to a successful finale.”

The Future of Fashion

As Fashion For All continues to grow, Dr. Mukerjee’s message is clear: collaboration and support within the industry are essential for progress. “Collaboration is the newest currency. We must support each other for better growth and more high-yield results,” she emphasized.

With each season, Fashion For All reinforces the importance of diversity and inclusivity, proving that fashion can and should be a space for everyone. As the countdown to the grand finale begins, the anticipation is palpable, and the fashion community eagerly awaits another groundbreaking show.

For more information or to participate in the event, you can contact Dr. Moon Mukerjee at +971507918071, on Instagram @moon_mukerjee, or via email at

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