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Remembering the Birth of the UAE: A Historical Reflection

Rain welcomed the Emirate on December 2, 1971, laying the groundwork for a watershed moment in history.

December 2, 1971, dawned with an unexpected beauty as rain embraced the Emirate, setting the stage for a pivotal day in history. 

The departure of the British had triggered contemplations about the future among the inhabitants, enveloping the day with a sense of anticipation.

An Immersive Time Capsule: Insights from Saif Mohammed Al Bedwawi:

64-year-old UAE historian Saif Mohammed Al Bedwawi vividly recalls the atmosphere of unease mingled with hope on that significant day. 

As conversations revolved around the possibilities ahead, the unexpected rain symbolized a fresh start as the nation united.

While acknowledging the prominent roles of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan and Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum in shaping the UAE, Bedwawi sheds light on a pivotal meeting between the two leaders at Seih Al Sedira, a significant milestone in laying the groundwork for the country’s formation.

From Desert Sands to Federation Formation:

Describing the UAE before unification as vast desert expanses and boundless dunes, Bedwawi emphasizes the initial federation between Dubai and Abu Dhabi, signed in 1968, as the precursor to uniting the other emirates.

Painting a picture of a challenging past, Bedwawi reflects on the sparse vegetation, harsh desert conditions, and the threat of piracy that plagued the oceans, hindering trade routes to India.

Birth of the UAE Dirham and Currency Evolution:

Bedwawi traces the evolution of currency in the region, detailing the use of the Maria Theresa Thaler and Indian rupee before establishing a stable currency. 

He highlights the discussions among Gulf leaders that led to the emergence of the UAE Dirham following a period of using various currencies, including the Saudi Riyal, Bahraini Dinar, and regional variations.

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