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Remembering Matthew Perry: Friends Co-Star Reflects on His Life

Jessica Hecht, who co-starred with Matthew Perry in Friends, recalls him affectionately as a young and funny person who was easy to love.

Actress Jessica Hecht, known for her role in Friends alongside Matthew Perry, fondly remembered him as a young and silly person who was easy to love. 

She recounted Perry’s attempts to create a relaxed atmosphere on set, particularly mentioning a memorable scene involving breast milk in Season 2.

Perry’s Kindness and Inner Struggles:

Hecht highlighted Perry’s innate kindness, mentioning that he often prioritized others’ well-being over his own, a common trait in individuals battling addiction. 

Perry’s struggles with addiction were well-known, and his kindness stemmed from a desire to alleviate others’ pain despite his challenges.

Tragic Passing and Plans for Help:

Matthew Perry’s tragic death by apparent drowning in October shocked many. Initial toxicology reports were negative for specific drugs, but the cause of death remains pending. 

Before his passing, Perry had intentions to help those struggling with addiction, having previously founded Perry House, a men’s sober living facility, and planned to establish a foundation for addiction support.

Perry’s Struggle with Addiction:

Perry’s battle with addiction was a significant part of his life, leading to severe health issues and a near-fatal experience. 

His public acknowledgment of his struggles and his journey to sobriety shed light on the challenges he faced and the importance of addressing addiction-related issues.

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