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Remembering George Chapman: A Stalwart of the UAE and Dubai

As the burial ceremony for George Chapman approaches on November 14, those who knew and admired him grow in their anticipation and gratitude.

As the funeral service date for George Chapman approaches on November 14, anticipation and gratitude grow among those who knew and admired him. 

George Chapman, a beloved long-time resident of the UAE, left an indelible mark on Dubai and the region, dedicating seven decades of his life to its growth and development.

An Exceptional Career and Distinguished Figure:

George Chapman, who died in Dubai at 98 on October 29, was a prominent and distinguished figure in the UAE. 

His remarkable career included serving as the former chairman of Port Rashid and as the general manager of Gray Mackenzie, now known as Maritime and Mercantile International. 

His exceptional professional achievements earned him the prestigious MBE (Member of the Order of the British Empire) award twice, first in Oman in 1959 and later in Dubai in 1978.

Beyond Professional Accomplishments:

Chapman’s impact extended far beyond his professional life. He was known for his vibrant personality, sense of humor, and dedication to his passions. 

Vanessa, his eldest daughter, shared her sentiments about her father’s broader influence, emphasizing his exceptional ability to connect with people and his enduring sense of humor. 

His adventurous spirit remained intact throughout his life, as evidenced by his bungee jump at 70. He shared common interests with his daughter, including loving Land Rovers, caring for stray animals, exploring and documenting history, and leaving cherished memories.

An End of an Era:

Katherine, his other daughter, reflected on her father’s passing as the conclusion of an era for Dubai and nearly a century of life for him. 

She described him as a kind and generous man, renowned for his networking skills and his willingness to facilitate connections among people, both socially and in business. 

In addition to his professional achievements, he played an essential role in establishing the Dubai English Speaking School (DESS) and the Dubai International Seafarers Centre (DISC), further underscoring his contributions to the community.

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