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“Regulating Private Tuitions: UAE’s New Guidelines for Educators”

Regulating Private Tuitions: UAE's New Guidelines for Educators

“MOHRE Sets Standards for Private Tuitions for School Teachers in the UAE”

In a significant move, the UAE Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE) has established clear regulations regarding private tuitions provided by school teachers. This initiative aims to uphold educational integrity and prevent potential conflicts of interest. According to MOHRE, teachers are prohibited from obtaining work permits to coach students enrolled in the schools where they are currently employed. This measure ensures that private tutoring remains an independent venture, distinct from the teachers’ regular duties at their respective schools. The guidelines are part of the UAE’s ongoing efforts to maintain high professional standards in the education sector.

This decision by MOHRE is a part of broader efforts to ensure that educational services are delivered in a fair and ethical manner. By clearly delineating the boundaries between regular school duties and private tuitions, the UAE is reinforcing its commitment to an education system that is equitable and transparent. This regulation not only protects the interests of students but also upholds the professionalism of teachers, ensuring that their roles within and outside the school environment are appropriately balanced.

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