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Reflections on the ODI Format and the ICC World Cup

The author discusses the One Day International (ODI) format and the ICC World Cup, emphasizing the contrast between appreciating the format and ignoring it.

The author shares thoughts on the One Day International (ODI) format and the ICC World Cup, highlighting the contrast between celebrating the format and simultaneously planning its farewell. 

The ODI format is compared to receiving a lifetime achievement award – honored yet signaled that its time has passed.

Need for Evolution, Not Elimination:

The author believes that administrators should evolve it to suit changing market scenarios and consumer preferences rather than eliminating the ODI format. 

Drawing an analogy to the film industry, they argue that the duration becomes irrelevant if the content is compelling. 

ODI cricket offers teams a chance to recover after setbacks, fostering unpredictability and testing captains and commentators.

Celebrating Bowlers and Achieving Balance:

The author advocates celebrating bowlers more and finding a better balance between bat and ball. 

They commend a match where bowlers displayed accuracy, creativity, and consistency, leading to an engaging spectacle. 

The desire is for ODI cricket to have more varied conditions rather than just flat tracks.

India hosting its fourth 50-over World Cup presents an opportunity to rejuvenate the ODI format. 

The author considers India and England top contenders for the title, emphasizing the importance of monitoring bowler Jasprit Bumrah’s fitness and the team’s ability to perform with a wet ball.

Environmental Considerations:

The author briefly mentions environmental factors, such as improved air quality in cities where the World Cup will be held. 

They also call for restraint during festivals like Dusshera, Durga Puja, and Diwali, which coincide with the tournament, to avoid air pollution.

In this piece, the author desires to preserve and revitalize the ODI format while appreciating its unique qualities and the excitement of the ICC World Cup.

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