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Record-Breaking Voter Turnout in 2023 Federal National Council Elections

According to top officials, voter turnout in the 2023 FNC elections increased dramatically, with 175,487 ballots cast compared to 117,592 in 2019.

The 2023 Federal National Council (FNC) elections saw a remarkable increase in voter turnout, with 175,487 votes recorded compared to 117,592 in 2019, as announced by top officials. 

The hybrid voting process, which included electronic voting at 24 polling centers across the UAE and early voting from October 4 to 5, concluded on the main election day.

Significant Voter Engagement:

The voter turnout reached 44%, surpassing the 34.81% recorded in the 2019 elections. A total of 170,439 votes were cast within the UAE, with 55.86% of voters being men and 44.14% women. 

Additionally, 5,042 votes were submitted remotely from abroad, with a majority from the US, Thailand, and the UK.

Regional Turnout Breakdown:

Abu Dhabi recorded the highest turnout, with 32.18% of votes (56,471), followed by Ras Al Khaimah at 20.15% (35,357), Sharjah at 17.09% (29,996), Fujairah at 14.19% (24,911), Dubai at 9.64% (16,909), Ajman at 4.15% (7,283), and Umm Al Quwain at 2.6% (4,561).

The increased voter participation demonstrates the active engagement of the UAE’s citizens in the democratic process, marking a significant milestone in the nation’s political landscape.

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