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Reckless motorcyclist arrested and fined for dangerous stunts in Dubai

Reckless motorcyclist arrested and fined for dangerous stunts in Dubai

Officers also seized the criminal’s motorbike after the clip of the reckless behavior went viral online.

Dubai police reported the arrest and imposition of a hefty fine on a motorcyclist who was caught riding at dangerously high speeds, reaching up to 280 kilometers per hour, and performing “wheelies” on the city’s roads. 

The incident, which went viral online, raised concerns about road safety and the potential risks associated with such behavior.

Risky Behavior on Sheikh Zayed Road

The video footage that circulated online depicted the motorbike rider engaging in reckless behavior on Sheikh Zayed Road during the night. 

This included weaving between vehicles at high speeds and performing stunts on one wheel. Such actions not only endangered the rider’s life but also posed a significant threat to the safety of other road users.

Dubai Police Take Action

Maj Gen Saif Al Mazroui, the head of the Dubai Police Traffic Department, expressed serious concern about the incident, emphasizing the dangerous nature of the motorcyclist’s actions. The rider, upon investigation, admitted to reckless driving.

Penalties Imposed

As a result of the incident, the Dubai police confiscated the Suzuki motorcycle used by the offender and imposed a substantial fine of Dh50,000 (equivalent to $13,610). 

This financial penalty serves as a deterrent to prevent such behavior in the future and to underscore the seriousness with which Dubai authorities take road safety.

This case highlights the importance of adhering to traffic regulations and respecting the safety of oneself and others on the road. Irresponsible actions like those of the motorcyclist are not tolerated and can result in severe consequences.

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