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Reckless Drivers in UAE Face Community Service as Court-Ordered Punishment

The Al Ain traffic court punished three reckless drivers Dh50,000 each, suspended their licences, and confiscated their vehicles.

In a groundbreaking verdict, an Al Ain traffic court fined three reckless drivers Dh50,000 each, suspended their licenses, and confiscated their vehicles. 

What sets this punishment apart is the court’s decision to make the offenders clean the streets where they endangered public safety by performing stunts.

The incident gained attention through viral social media videos, showcasing dangerous driving stunts that damaged public roads and posed a threat to those nearby. Authorities intervened, leading to the arrest of the drivers and subsequent legal proceedings.

Community Service as a Transformative Solution:

Legal consultant Hassan Elhais supports the unique community service approach, citing its multifaceted benefits. 

He emphasizes that community service acts as a deterrent, promotes reform, instills a sense of responsibility, and provides offenders firsthand insight into vandalism’s consequences and costs.

Barney Almazar, director at Gulf Law’s corporate-commercial department, delves into the legal aspects, noting that minor offenses, including traffic violations, can be penalized with fines, community service, or imprisonment. 

He underscores the withdrawal of driving licenses as a disqualifying measure and highlights the effectiveness of community service in correcting behavior and serving as a deterrent.

Aligning with Evolving Justice Approaches:

Both legal experts agree that the recent verdict aligns with the UAE’s evolving approach to justice, emphasizing restorative practices over purely punitive measures. 

Community service, focusing on rehabilitation and community engagement, reflects a progressive stance on justice that balances accountability with opportunities for personal growth and community betterment.

Fostering Responsibility and Rehabilitation:

The UAE’s justice system aims to build a harmonious and responsible society through community service. 

This alternative sentencing holds individuals accountable and fosters personal growth and a sense of community responsibility. 

The unique punishment serves as a beacon for innovative justice practices in the region.

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