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Real Estate and Mortgage Advisor Jobs Lead Demand in UAE: LinkedIn Poll Results

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A Surge in Property Market Jobs Reflects UAE’s Robust Real Estate Sector

Dubai, January 19, 2024 – In a revealing trend identified by a LinkedIn poll, real estate professionals and mortgage advisors are currently the most sought-after job roles in the UAE. This demand aligns with the sustained growth and dynamism of Dubai and the UAE’s property markets, which have been on an upward trajectory for the past three years.

UAE’s Property Market: A Three-Year Golden Run

The UAE’s real estate sector has been experiencing a golden period, marked by heightened transaction levels and record property sales. This boom has inevitably led to a significant increase in job opportunities within the sector. Real estate professionals are needed across various functions, from marketing and sales roles at estate agencies to senior management positions in development companies. Additionally, there’s a growing need for expertise in property management services.

Mortgage Advisors in High Demand

The LinkedIn poll also highlights the increasing demand for mortgage advisors. This role has become crucial, given the expanding real estate market and the corresponding need for financial guidance and services related to property purchases.

Competitive Salaries and Incentives

The surge in demand for these roles is also accompanied by attractive salary packages and incentives. This factor contributes to drawing more professionals into the UAE real estate sector, further bolstering its growth and vitality.

Skillset Requirements for Real Estate Jobs

The current market scenario emphasizes the need for professionals with a comprehensive skill set that includes knowledge of the local property market, sales expertise, and financial advisory skills. As the market evolves, these roles are becoming increasingly nuanced, requiring a blend of traditional real estate knowledge and modern technological proficiency.

Broader Job Market Trends in UAE

The UAE job market, particularly in the real estate sector, is becoming increasingly competitive. Professionals are encouraged to continually upskill and stay abreast of industry trends to stand out. This drive towards professional development reflects the dynamic nature of the UAE’s job market and its alignment with global trends.


The LinkedIn poll’s findings underscore the robustness of the UAE’s real estate sector and its capacity to generate employment opportunities. The sustained demand for real estate and mortgage advisory roles is a testament to the sector’s health and its crucial role in the UAE’s economy. As the market continues to grow, these roles will remain pivotal in shaping the sector’s future trajectory.

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