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Read Why; Israeli PM Netanyahu Faces Protests

As he addressed parliament, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was met with protests from captive families.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu encountered protests from hostage families as he addressed parliament, vowing to secure the return of captives but emphasizing the need for additional time and increased military pressure on Gaza’s Hamas rulers.

Families’ Urgent Plea:

Families of hostages, expressing impatience and urgency, booed Netanyahu during his parliamentary address, demanding immediate action to bring their loved ones home. 

Chants of “Now! Now!” echoed through the gallery as Netanyahu outlined the necessity of heightened military pressure.

Netanyahu underscored the importance of military pressure in securing the release of the hostages, citing discussions with Israeli field commanders who indicated the need for “more time” to complete the mission.

Unwavering Commitment Amid Protests;

Amidst the cries and protests, Netanyahu remained resolute, declaring a commitment to relentless efforts and stating, “We won’t stop until victory,” emphasizing the ongoing determination to secure the safe return of the hostages.

Israel reports 129 hostages still held in Gaza since their abduction on October 7 by Hamas gunmen. Netanyahu assured that no efforts would be spared to ensure the safe return of all hostages.

Intensification of Military Actions:

Following his visit to Gaza, reported by his Likud party, Netanyahu vowed to escalate the army’s operations in the Palestinian territory, declaring an intent to intensify fighting in the coming days, projecting a prolonged conflict ahead.

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