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Read What Indian PM Says on Israel-Hamas Conflict

PM Modi emphasised the importance of G20 unity in preventing the Israel-Hamas dispute from developing into a regional crisis.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi emphasized the critical need for unity among G20 nations to prevent the Israel-Hamas conflict from escalating into a wider regional crisis. 

Speaking at the virtual G20 summit during India’s presidency, Modi underscored the rising concerns surrounding instability in West Asia.

Reviewing Goals and Speeding Progress:

The summit, hosted by India to review the achievements and targets set during the annual G20 summit in New Delhi, aimed to expedite progress towards these objectives. 

The previous summit, clouded by Russia’s actions in Ukraine, managed to forge consensus on key issues, including reforming global institutions like the World Bank.

Dignitaries from various G20 nations attended the summit, including Russian President Vladimir Putin, Chinese Premier Li Qiang, Japan’s Fumio Kishida, Turkey’s Tayyip Erdogan, Canada’s Justin Trudeau, Australia’s Anthony Albanese, and Brazil’s Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.

Ceasefire Agreement and Humanitarian Concerns:

Modi’s remarks on the Israel-Hamas conflict coincided with a ceasefire agreement between the two parties, allowing aid access and the release of hostages and prisoners. 

He stressed the importance of preventing the conflict from escalating, condemning civilian casualties, and emphasizing the uninterrupted flow of humanitarian aid.

India, fostering strategic ties with Israel and maintaining relations with Arab nations for oil imports, seeks a balanced stance in the Israel-Hamas conflict. 

It refrains from placing blame on Russia for the Ukraine crisis and advocates for dialogue-based conflict resolution.

Putin’s Address and Geopolitical Significance:

The Kremlin announced Putin’s intent to outline Russia’s perspective on the “deeply unstable world situation” during the G20 summit. 

This event is noted for its inclusion of both Western leaders amid heavy sanctions imposed on Russia over the Ukraine invasion.

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