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Read how the Dubai Police have cracked a daring heist

In a classic case of investigative prowess, Dubai Police have cracked a daring heist, impressing the culprits involved in stealing Dh1 million from a company’s treasury. 

This case is even more intriguing because one of the criminals left behind an inadvertent clue that unraveled the entire operation.

The Mysterious Heist:

The heist unfolded when a company reported stealing Dh1 million from its headquarters’ money safe. According to the Dubai Police “Hemaya” magazine, the crime occurred when four employees worked late at night to process important files. 

A gang broke into the company, assaulted the employees, and handcuffed three using zip ties. The fourth employee was coerced into opening the safe and transferring its contents into the gang’s bag. 

Subsequently, the employee who had cooperated with the criminals managed to free his colleagues from the zip ties and reported the incident to the Dubai Police after the gang fled the scene.

The Investigation Unveiled:

Captain Hamdan Ahli, an assistant crime scene expert at the General Department of Forensic Evidence at Dubai Police, was part of the investigative team that arrived at the crime scene. 

While examining the scene, Captain Al Ahli observed a crucial clue. He noticed that one of the gang members had kicked the main door violently, leaving behind a shoeprint as evidence.

“This ignited a spark of suspicion in me,” said Captain Al Ahli.

Further examination of the zip ties used at the crime scene revealed that they had been cut with a sharp tool. 

During his thorough search, Captain Al Ahli discovered a pair of scissors hidden in one of the drawers.

Captain Al Ahli decided to compare the shoeprint from the crime scene with the shoeprints of the employees. 

The shoeprint from the fourth employee matched the one left on the door.

A Shocking Revelation:

Upon interrogation, the fourth employee admitted to being the mastermind behind the heist. He had convinced his colleagues to cooperate in the theft of Dh1 million from the safe.

This case is a testament to the keen eye of crime scene experts and their ability to decipher seemingly inscrutable clues, ultimately leading to the resolution of complex criminal cases.

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