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Read How a Man Dies After Refusing Wife’s Birthday Wishes

In a shocking event in Pune's Wanavdi neighbourhood, a 36-year-old man died after being punched in the nose by his wife.

In a startling incident in Pune’s Wanavdi area, a 36-year-old man, Nikhil Khanna, lost his life after being punched in the nose by his wife, Renuka (38), during a heated argument over not fulfilling her birthday wishes.

Refusal to Celebrate Birthday Abroad Sparks Dispute:

The tragic episode unfolded in the couple’s upscale residential apartment when Nikhil reportedly declined to take Renuka to Dubai for her birthday celebration. 

The disagreement intensified as Renuka expressed dissatisfaction with the absence of expensive gifts on her birthday and anniversary. 

She was also upset over Nikhil’s reluctance to travel to Delhi for the birthdays of some relatives.

Violent Confrontation Leads to Fatal Outcome:

Amidst the escalating dispute, Renuka delivered a forceful punch to Nikhil’s face, resulting in severe injuries. 

The impact of the punch caused the victim’s nose and teeth to break, leading to profuse bleeding and loss of consciousness.

Following the tragic incident, the Wanavdi Police registered a case against Renuka under IPC Section 302 (murder) and took her into custody for further investigation. 

The authorities are examining the circumstances surrounding the confrontation and the events leading to Nikhil’s untimely demise.

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