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Read A Palestinian Mother’s Journey for Her Daughter’s Survival

In the midst of the Gaza war, Palestinian mother Amna was faced with a grim predicament with her cancer-stricken daughter Mesk.

Amid the turmoil of war in Gaza, Palestinian mother Amna faced a dire situation with her cancer-stricken daughter Mesk.

Leaving her five children behind, she rushed to the UAE mission, seeking help for eight-year-old Mesk, who had been denied lifesaving chemotherapy sessions for months.

A Glimmer of Hope from the UAE President:

A timely directive from the UAE President, His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, offered a glimmer of hope to Amna and others in similar predicaments. 

The directive aimed to provide medical treatment for 1,000 Palestinian children from the Gaza Strip and treat 1,000 cancer patients in UAE hospitals.

Symbol of Resilience Amid Adversity:

Amna’s journey from a refugee camp in Gaza to Abu Dhabi, with Mesk’s brain scan on a CD, symbolized resilience. The destruction of their home and the lack of medical facilities in Gaza added to the urgency of their situation.

Upon Mesk’s arrival at Burjeel Medical City (BMC) in Abu Dhabi, Amna felt a sense of relief. 

The dire circumstances that had plagued them in Gaza seemed to be coming to an end as Mesk was wheeled into BMC for medical care.

Challenges Faced in Gaza:

Amna shared the challenges they faced in Gaza, where their house was destroyed, hospitals were in ruins, and communication with doctors became impossible due to the destruction of infrastructure. 

Mesk had missed vital chemotherapy sessions, and the family struggled with necessities like food.

UAE President’s Directive in Action:

The urgent directive from the UAE President facilitated the arrival of a second batch of sick and injured patients from Palestine on a special Etihad Airways charter flight. 

The initiative aimed to provide medical care for children and cancer patients affected by the conflict.

Dr. Zainul Aabideen, head of pediatric hematology, oncology, and bone marrow transplant at BMC, highlighted Mesk’s condition and the importance of restarting her treatment. 

The initiative, he noted, is a blessing for needy children, and the hospital’s priority is to provide the best treatment.

Gratitude from Amna:

Amna thanked the UAE’s rulers and the medical fraternity for their support. She hoped for the safety of her five children and looked forward to being reunited with them soon. 

The story reflects the ongoing mission of the UAE to extend humanitarian aid to vulnerable children affected by conflict.

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