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Raveena Tandon to Embrace a Compelling Persona in ‘Karmma Calling’

Raveena Tandon, a well-known actor, will star in the new online series 'Karmma Calling.'

Renowned actor Raveena Tandon is set to captivate audiences in the upcoming web series ‘Karmma Calling.’ 

The show promises an intriguing storyline as it delves into the Indian adaptation of the popular ABC series Revenge.’ 

Raveena steps into the character of Indrani Kothari, portraying the reigning figure in Alibaug’s societal landscape—a realm steeped in luxury, allure, and a labyrinth of deceit.

The Creative Vision and Collaboration:

Under the direction of Ruchi Narain, ‘Karmma Calling’ unfolds within the affluent Kothari family’s opulent world. 

The series promises a blend of grandeur and intrigue, weaving a narrative threaded with elements of Revenge, betrayal, and the complex dynamics within the Kothari dynasty.

Raveena Tandon’s Enthusiasm and Unique Portrayal:

Expressing her excitement, Raveena emphasized the novelty of her role as Indrani Kothari, a character that allows her to explore uncharted territories as an actor. 

She highlighted the depth and complexity of the series, acknowledging the collaborative effort with Disney+ Hotstar, R.A.T Films, and director Ruchi Narain.

Anticipated Release and Raveena’s OTT Journey:

‘Karmma Calling’ is scheduled to premiere on Disney+ Hotstar on January 26, 2024, marking Raveena Tandon’s second foray into digital entertainment. 

Her previous digital venture was in 2021 with ‘Aranyak’ This upcoming series is poised to intrigue audiences with its unique narrative and Raveena’s compelling performance.

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