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Rapid Response to Flooding: A Testimony to Advanced Infrastructure

The Dubai Municipality acted quickly, mobilising its experts and staff to clear waterlogged areas in hours.

As heavy rain inundated the UAE on a Thursday, parts of Dubai faced localized flooding. However, the Dubai Municipality swiftly sprang into action, utilizing its experts and workers to clear waterlogged areas in hours.

Advanced Infrastructure in Dubai:

The remarkable speed of the municipal response can be attributed to Dubai’s state-of-the-art infrastructure and integrated management of sewage and rainfall systems. 

This sophisticated system allows for efficient handling of weather-related challenges.

Dubai’s drainage network is extensive, covering over 4 million longitudinal meters, and includes more than 72,000 rainwater drains and 35,000 inspection rooms. 

These elements converge at 59 lifting and pumping stations that channel water into 38 systemic exits.

Proactive Approach for Public Safety:

Dubai Municipality’s emergency team is well-prepared to respond to weather fluctuations across the emirate, ensuring public safety. 

They have implemented a proactive action plan with a 24-hour program to strengthen integrated sewage and rainfall management.

A team of 484 specialized engineers and technicians, along with 1,150 workers, promptly handled 279 calls during the rainy period, demonstrating their expertise in dealing with emergencies during rainfall.

Comprehensive Equipment and Resources:

The municipality boasts an array of resources, including equipment for line cleaning, water transportation tanks, pumps, transport vehicles, and processing mechanisms to manage water accumulation and waste. 

They also have 20 water pumps distributed across Deira and Bur Dubai.

Annual Rainy Season Preparedness:

As part of its annual rainy season emergency plan, the municipality ensures all teams and machines are ready to handle weather-related emergencies throughout the emirate. 

This preparedness includes a rapid response mechanism for emergency communications from residents.

Residents play a crucial role in reporting rainwater accumulation and issues. They can use the Dubai 24/7 app or call 800900. 

The municipality has also emphasized the importance of not connecting rainwater drainage pipes in homes with the sewage system, as it can strain the network.

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