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Rajinikanth Doppelganger: Kerala Tea Seller’s Striking Resemblance Stuns Internet

A tea vendor from Kochi, Kerala, has become an internet phenomenon due to his striking likeness to Tamil superstar Rajinikanth.

A tea seller from Kochi, Kerala, has become an internet sensation due to his uncanny resemblance to Tamil superstar Rajinikanth. 

As he’s known, Sudhakar Prabhu has recently gone viral, leaving the internet astounded by his striking likeness to the legendary actor.

Viral Video Takes Internet by Storm:

A video of Sudhakar Prabhu interacting with customers, filmed on October 20, has taken social media by storm. In the video, Prabhu, sporting a grey shirt and brown shorts, greets people with a warm smile. 

Not just his mannerisms and behavior but his haircut and beard caught the viewers’ attention, which made him indistinguishable from the iconic Rajinikanth. Even the way he wore his spectacles reminded everyone of the superstar.

Internet Reactions:

The video quickly garnered over 126k views on social media, with users expressing their amazement. 

Some users humorously suggested that Prabhu could be hired for events and would fight like Rajinikanth with the right makeup. 

Others playfully referred to him as a “copy-paste” version of the star.

Praising Rajinikanth’s Simplicity:

Prabhu’s portrayal of Rajinikanth’s simplicity also led to admiration for the actor himself. 

One person highlighted Rajinikanth’s down-to-earth nature, noting that off-camera, he often dresses like an ordinary person, always being true to his real self and disregarding his superstar image.

The Impact of Celebrity Doppelgangers:

The fascination with celebrity doppelgangers is a testament to iconic figures’ enduring popularity and influence in the entertainment industry. 

These lookalikes often capture the public’s imagination, adding to the mystique of the celebrities they resemble.

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