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Raji Sayel Abu Azizah: Young Chess Champion with a Vision for Peace

Raji Sayel Abu Azizah, a 17-year-old Palestinian chess prodigy living in the United Arab Emirates, is a proud advocate of his country.

Raji Sayel Abu Azizah, a 17-year-old Palestinian chess prodigy based in the UAE, is a proud representative of his homeland. His victories in chess tournaments are a source of immense pride and honor, driven by his fervent wish to end the hostilities in his war-torn country.

Starting his chess journey at 8, Raji emerged as one of the UAE’s most promising chess talents. Playing for the prestigious Sharjah Chess Club, he embarked on a path of success, triumphing in numerous local and international tournaments.

Victories and Achievements:

His accomplishments include victories at various championships such as the Arab Youth Chess Championship, Western Asia Chess Championship, Dubai Open, and the U-18 UAE Chess Championship. His impressive FIDE ratings in classic, rapid, and blitz categories speak volumes of his dedication and skill.

Despite the pressure of high school academics, Raji remains resolute in his pursuit of becoming a chess grandmaster. Efficient time management allows him to navigate academic responsibilities while excelling in his passion for chess.

Unique Representation:

Raji’s recent participation in the 25th Asian Youth Chess Championship marked a unique milestone. He showcased his prowess in the highly competitive tournament as the sole Palestinian representative in the Under-18 category among participants from 46 countries.

While Raji’s family is safe in Jordan and the UAE, the ongoing conflict in Palestine weighs heavily on his heart. Despite their safety, the turmoil in his homeland remains a concern, fueling his fervent desire for the war to cease, envisioning a day when he can visit Palestine without fear or conflict.

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